Where to start ... can  ́t really wait to meet you!


I am Bibi, based and living in Ireland with my husband (wedding filmmaker & photographer Viliam Revtak Photography & RevtakStudios) and two children Dominik and Mia Michaela.

Photography has always been a big part of my life. With many years of great experience working with hundreds of clients here I am to announce and update range of wedding photography for all of you.

My documentary and journalistic photography approach strive to capture the spontaneity of the moment rather then the strict poses which i believe turns each photo into unique and fresh celebration of the couple.

I love to tell stories through photography, my approach is relaxed and unobtrusive and I capture your day just as it happens ... real and simple, natural, pure joy and fun.

I  ́d would love to hear more about your special day, please get in touch and i  ́ll answer all your questions.



One of the beauties of photography is being able to catch someone in the act. It adds life to your photos.


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